The Bloody Fight Review: One of the most 1970s martial art movies

Since 1895, the imperial forces of Japan have tightened their grip on Northern China, destroying all who dare oppose them. When the local Kung Fu masters get holes punched in them by the Japanese overseer. The young fighters must look outside their own tradition for a way to win.

The Bloody Fight (Sinh Tu Quyen Mon) putting the old rules aside, they form a fighting force of a Thai boxer, drunken Kung Fu bandit, an acrobat. And the Master’s former prized students. When the collaborator who started this whole mess is killed with his own pointy objects and a table the freedom fighters strike, and enter into a blood-soaked all-day battle royale against the entire occupying force. This is Japanese Karate vs. Chinese Kung Fu done right!

The Bloody Fight is pretty much your average “old school” kung fu movie (Phim vo thuat thuyet minh). There’s nothing greatly wrong with it. But fans of the genre have seen this kind of stuff done dozens of times before.

There’s nothing remarkable or original about it, right down to the often used “Chinese versus Japanese” plot.

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