Overdrive 2017 Review: Scott Eastwood becomes a professional car thief

Scott Eastwood continues to follow in father Clint’s footsteps but this forgettable actioner shows he’s not there yet.

Scott Eastwood is clearly being primed for the kind of Hollywood career Clint enjoyed; just as his father did back in the 1950s, Eastwood has forged his path in forgettable B-movies and bit-part roles.

Appearances in high-profile franchise entries Suicide Squad and Fast & Furious 8 have earned Eastwood top billing in Overdrive (phim hanh dong my). A generic car chase flick shot in France and produced by Taken director Pierre Morel. But while Clint’s trips to Europe brought him memorable collaborations with Sergio Leone on spaghetti westerns. Scott Eastwood’s Riviera vacation will quickly be forget.

Eastwood plays Andrew Foster. A professional car thief working a Marseilles beat with half-brother Garrett (Freddie Thorp). The daring theft of a vintage Bugatti puts Andrew on the radar of various crime bosses. And soon he’s planning a spectacular car heist. The only question is: which collection of crooks is Andrew really working for?

Overdrive (Sieu Toc Do) is a relatively easy watch: sunny location work, real car-to-car action and a familiar template that mixes Fast & Furious camaraderie with Ocean’s Eleven planning and execution. But the final heist is a dud since the vehicles being stolen are antiques and can’t be damaged; the sedate sight of ancient cars being driven to a port doesn’t provide enough of the frisson required after such a long build-up.

Much like the various Luc Besson franchises (Taxi, The Transporter). Overdrive provides just enough crash-and-burn stunt action to satisfy undemanding thrill-seekers, but not much else. ‘It’s a pity Dad isn’t around to see this’. Garrett and Andrew agree in an early scene; Eastwood Senior almost certainly has better things to do than watch Scott taking baby steps towards stardom, and most audiences will probably feel the same.

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