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Once upon a time, I was tired of the television series I had been invested in and wanted to watch something new and original. In the summer of 2007, “Pushing Daisies” was born and delivered. I instantly became a fan of the lead, Lee Pace, and his delicate nuances as an actor. Over time, I became more and more invested in following his career and visiting his work I had missed, like “Wonderfalls.”

In 2009, after a fantastic fansite for Lee mysteriously closed (Lee Pace Online), I decided to take the reins and establish a new website for him. Unfortunately, I was also in my final year of college. Although was registered on September 30th of that year, I was only able to finally get it up and running in August of 2010 — four movies of his shot later and three more released on DVD.

I’m still as big a fan of his as ever and I hope that Lee Pace Odyssey is a valuable site for all fans interested in finding out more about this fantastic actor.

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Name: Kristina
Role: Owner / Maintainer

Kristina is a 27-year-old Florida native who escaped to the San Francisco Bay Area when she realized she was either allergic to heat or right-wing politics. There, she attended an art college as a photography major but quickly faced her destiny and changed her major to writing & literature. Now she doesn’t like most books. In fact, now she doesn’t even plan on writing novels. Like most Californians, she’s currently working on her first screenplay.

When she’s procrastinating her writing (which is often), she’s working on her websites, watching TCM, and thinking about how fun it would be to build a model airplane. She also takes lots of pictures of her cat, Lukas, and her boxer, Charlie. Her favorite things Lee has done are The Fall and “Pushing Daisies”; she was incredibly excited for “The Miraculous Year” but now holds an unbreakable grudge against HBO. To contact her, please see here – or visit her site, Dizzy Spell!

Name: Joyce
Role: Contributor

Joyce, an artist wannabe and avid dog lover currently residing in Hong Kong, enjoys good food, rom-coms and Christopher Nolan films. While watching Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day back in 2008, she realised that she was smitten by Lee Pace’s talent for acting, knack for a charming British accent, beautiful singing and smouldering good looks. Since then, she has become a fan of Mr. Pace’s performances, especially in “Pushing Daisies,” and can be found posting lighthearted tidbits pertaining to her favourite actor in her tumblelog, aptly named Lee Pace is Awesome, where she can also be contacted.

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