Credits & Resources

» Donations (Content)

Sarah – desktop wallpapers

» Donations (Monetary)

None yet.

» Gallery

• Crystal – Miss Pettigrew screen caps – screen caps – screen caps – “Pushing Daisies” screen caps

» Site Development

Adobe ImageReady CS – graphics
Adobe Photoshop CS – animations
Double Glamour – video archive tutorial
FastDomain – reliable host
Firefox via Mozilla – browser
• TextEdit on a MacBook Pro – scripts, news updates
WordPress – blog platform

» Other Thanks

Obviously, this site wouldn’t at all be possible without the talents of Lee Pace himself to inspire me. I feel I should also owe some credit to Bryan Fuller, who is my personal writing aspiration and I wish to develop projects only half as good as what he’s managed thus far.

Thanks also goes to and for .psd files used to help create graphics.

Additionally, the designer of the site’s two beautiful layouts (main page and photo gallery): Flor at Sweet Revelation, thank you for such stunning work. I’d recommend you to anyone.