Updated Press Archive

Sep 13

Press Archive: Although there are plenty of journalistic pieces missing from the collection, I’ve updated the press archive. If you know of any more I can add to the press archive, feel free to get in contact with me and pass them on. I’ll be adding reviews from Lee’s early stage career in the coming days.

The Miraculous Year at LiveJournal: If you’re a LiveJournal user and are interested in following Lee’s upcoming project, The Miraculous Year, I’m also the moderator of a new community for the new HBO television series. You can find that community right here. I’ll be posting news pertaining to the show and (if more episodes are ordered) it’ll serve a home for discussions, fan creations, news about the cast/crew, and generally being your go-to place for all things related to The Miraculous Year. Unfortunately, because the show will be for mature audiences, it is friends locked and thus open only to LiveJournal members. Feel free to create an account there and join the community, but please be aware that – again, due to mature content – it is open to 18+ members only.

Follow Us On Twitter: Have a Twitter account? LeePace.net will be marking our presence there soon! Feel free to follow the site and receive instant news about Lee, site updates/additions, and various tidbits of information about the actor.

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