New Home for LPO

Aug 18

Hey, everyone! Recently, LPO’s host (the wonderful was sadly forced to shut down. The site has since relocated to its new home at Flaunt, which was also generous enough to migrate the entire site without a hiccup. (The downtime about a week ago was unavoidable and due to this server change.) Although everything should be working properly, if you do notice anything broken, please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it in a timely manner.

As you might have also noticed, LPO has been a little quiet lately. There hasn’t been much news on the Lee Pace front, but I’ve admittedly missed a few updates (including his recent reading of the play, “White Noise, White Light”). I’ll try to keep better track in the future — sorry for dropping the ball! (PS: Can you believe LPO has been online for five years as of August 25th? Time certainly flies.)

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