New ‘Lincoln’ Film Still

Oct 18

A new film still featuring Lee Pace in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln has been released. He’ll be playing Fernando Wood, the mayor of New York City. The image was posted on the film’s official Twitter with the caption “Lee Pace portrays Democratic representative Fernando Woods,” which isn’t much, but maybe we can hope he’ll be featured somewhat in future publicity.

Off-topic side-note: Golden Age – the upcoming play Lee will be starring in – started rehearsals this week! Hopefully we’ll also get some images out of that soon.

3 Responses to “New ‘Lincoln’ Film Still”

  1. Merciless Lee Pace.


  2. Good to know about the Lincoln twitter account. I’m following it now. I wasn’t able to catch Lincoln at the New York Film Festival but will see it in the theaters as soon as possible.

    I got my hair cut the other day in the theater district and kept a lookout for Lee Pace en route but didn’t see him!


  3. Have read all the reviews and comments, so far everybody says that he is really great in it.


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