“Halt And Catch Fire” Episode Stills, S1E09-10

Aug 4

AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” wrapped up season one last night, airing the finale in a solid run of ten episodes. Episode stills from the final two episodes – Up Helly Aa and 1984 – have been added to the gallery. Lee Pace, who plays Joe Macmillan on the show, also answered some fan questions on his Twitter last night as part of a live Q&A. Check out his answers below:

‏@elysee_indream: A question for Lee: Joe knew Bosworth set him up to be beaten by the police, why do you think he just let it go?
I think he had it coming. He knew it…. And joe can take a beating. He’s tough.

‏@schrokitten: What were you like in the 80s?
little. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BuJ-mI0IcAAs4Ct.jpg

‏@alsowillgraham: Favorite song featured on the show?
I love the song that plays at the end of the pilot. Are friend electric from episode 3…. Anything

‏@piemak3r: whats your favorite band/music from the 80s? love u so much
new order. Micheal Jackson. What are your favorited?

‏@phuknuckle: Is Joe in love with Mackenzie?
JOEMAC is running CAMDOS. She is irresistible to him…

‏@Lyions: Am I the only one thought Donna should marry Joe?????
#kerrybishe…. What do you say? F@@&$ it. Let’s do it.

‏@MayBInSpace: How do you feel with all these jokes about your magnificent head of hair?
I’m crying in my pillow. I worked really hard on that hair. Really hard…. Jeeze guys. Have a heart.

‏@melmathegreat: what was your favorite scene to shoot this episode?
lots of favorites. Loved smashing the Datsun. Loved when Donna confronts me in episode 4… What are yours?

‏@CindyReynolds: My favorite is Joe holding hands with Cameron in the elevator last episode.
I love that one too.

‏@melmathegreat: also (last question i promise!), my sister wants to know if your achilles’ heel is casual wear?
me or joe? I live in sweatpants and tshirts…. Joe is all about slick suits.

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