Will Lee Pace Star in a Marvel Film?

Aug 30

According to the team over at Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee Pace’s name has been tossed around to play a future Marvel Studios character. The studio is currently laying out plans for numerous comic-turned-movies, including an adaptation for Ant-Man (with director Edgar Wright) and Doctor Strange.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor, and there is no guarantee he’ll actually be cast. (Although, as it’s been on a personal wishlist of mine for him to play a Marvel character, I sincerely hope it is true!) You can read MCU’s inside scoop below:

Insider news: Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton and Lee Pace have all come up as possible actors to play an upcoming Marvel Studios role.

3 Responses to “Will Lee Pace Star in a Marvel Film?”

  1. That would be awesome if Lee played a Marvel character! I honestly think that whatever project Lee puts his hands on turns to gold – so talented!


  2. He’s already a superhero to me.


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    What a news to celebrate Eid. I’m grinning to ears hoping he gets it.


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