“Pushing Daisies” … on Stage?

Jul 16

While at 2012 Comic-Con, Bryan Fuller mentioned that he was working on a new “Pushing Daisies” project that was neither a comic book nor a miniseries. In a new interview (video above), Michael Ausiello added that the upcoming revival isn’t a film, either. When pressed if it was moving to Broadway, Bryan merely shrugged and said “perhaps.” What do you think, guys? Will we be seeing “Pushing Daisies” as a stage performance soon? An official announcement will be made once everything is arranged, but hopefully we can expect it soon!

2 Responses to ““Pushing Daisies” … on Stage?”

  1. Oh.em.gee. Oh.em.gee. I will fly to New York for this, and it’ll be my first trip!


    Kristina Reply:

    Same here! I flew out for The Normal Heart, but – if this is indeed a Broadway production – it looks like Lee will get me to New York again, haa.


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