“Halt And Catch Fire” Live Q&A

Source: “Halt And Catch Fire” Facebook
Date: June 29, 2014

Q&A: What was the most challenging aspect of doing this particular show?
Lee Pace: Forgetting what I know. Letting go of everything we have gained in the past 30 years… This is a time before computers became ubiquitous tools in our lives… There is an innocence to the show.

Q&A: You’ve embodied so many different characters throughout your career as an actor. Do you have a set process for preparing yourself for the characters you play, or does it differ with each persona?
LP: Hey. Thanks for the question. The process is always different. Always different inspirations. Different cast of characters.

Q&A: What is the hardest part about playing this character?
LP: Learning the lines. And saying them in the right order. Just kidding. Seriously, thanks for the question. I’m intrigued by Joe as well. And I guess there are a lot of answers. He’s not an easy man to understand, and I’m still learning. His unprincipled ambition. His wild aspiration… Joe is an unhinged man. He lives a fantasy of his own creation. He is tenacious and will not rest until the world matches the possibility that he can visualize… That’s not a sane, or respectful, way to live. I love Joe. I defend him, even when he does despicable things. Joe knows what he wants to be… but he doesn’t know how he is. Who am I, really? It’s an important question for a man to face… and it’s time Joe started to ask it.

Q&A: Favorite 80s music?
LP: I’m a big music fan, and the music from the early 80s is so diverse and cool… The Clash. New Order. Michael Jackson. Who else?

Q&A: Of all the characters you’ve portrayed, which one is your favorite and which is the most like yourself?
LP: I’ll always have a soft spot for the Piemaker.

Q&A: What made you interested in doing this series?
LP: Joe was a riddle I wanted to solve. I accepted him to be an effective person, he’s a Winner… and I wanted to know more about “that guy.” I guess one of the conclusions I’ve come to after filming season one is “that guy” is just a myth.

Q&A: Which movie(s) motivated you to become an actor?
LP: Thanks for the question! When I was 16 or 17, all I did was watch movies. Old Deer Hunters, the incredible movies from the early 80s. The Godfather. At the time, incredible people were making movies and showcasing incredible performances. Robert De Niro. Just incredible actors making movies, one after the other. The Graduate. Tootsie. Marathon Man.

Q&A: When you play Joe, do you ever lace traits from other characters you have played in the past? Also, who is your favorite character you have played so far?
LP: It’s not intentional, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other characters come though. It’s hard to pick a favorite, too. But I love Ned and I loved Roy Walker from The Fall.

Q&A: What are your influences/inspiration for Joe MacMillan, either direct or indirect?
LP: Ivan Boesky. Michael Milken. The infamous corporate raiders of the early 80s… innovators like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs… those were men that I found very interesting while researching, and Joe might aspire to be. Joe is an uninformed person in many ways. He’s like a baby. Babies take up a lot of space. When they laugh, you feel joy; when they cry, you feel worry. They are loud; they get what they need. I guess you could say the same thing about a bear.

Q&A: Could you send me Mackenzie’s number?
LP: Good question. :)

Q&A: Mac or PC?
LP: Mac.

Q&A: How does it feel going back to 1983?
LP: Fun. Why not? It’s an exciting time.

Q&A: Will more of Joe’s secrets and personality come out in the next few episodes?
LP: To Joe, it’s less about secrets and more that he needs to know himself. He needs to go down that path so he knows himself better. How is anyone else going to know him if he doesn’t know himself?

Q&A: How confident is Joe, really? s his machismo a put on to stir action in others, or is that who he really is?
LP: I think in a lot of ways Joe’s confidence is all he’s got.

Q&A: Any similarities with Joe’s character from real Lee? Or are you different and how?
LP: I don’t share a lot of the values that Joe MacMillan has, but I do admire his balls. I admire how courageous he is.

Q&A: What was your favorite scenes in “Halt And Catch Fire”?
LP: I love the reverse engineering sequence in the pilot episode. I think you can see Joe’s enthusiasm and his infectious excitement and personality. That’s really key to who he is.

Q&A: Do you have much input in shaping Joe’s personality? Is it a challenge to portray a character who is so driven, he is capable of anything?
LP: It’s fun to play the character. But his ambitious is as much to his detriment as to his benefit. What’s the point of getting what you want if you don’t know what you want?

Q&A: Do you have any interest in computers?
I’m a curious person. It’s been interesting to learn a lot about a subject I know very little about. Coding. The mechanics of a mother board. It’s interesting stuff.

“Great questions tonight. Thanks for your interest. Appreciate you watching the show.”