‘The Resident’ to Seek Home on DVD/Blu-ray

Dec 6

According to Shock Till You Drop, Image Entertainment has announced that The Resident – featuring Lee Pace along with Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Christopher Lee – will be seeing a DVD/Blu-ray release on March 29, 2011. This goes against the previously announcement that the film would see a theatrical release in spring of ’11. Special features for the home movie release have not yet been determined.

Lee at the NYC Screening of ‘Biutiful’

Dec 2

Lee Pace attended the premiere of Javier Bardem-helmed film, Biutiful, on Wednesday (1 December); an event hosted by The Cinema Society. The film, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, “follows Uxbal (Bardem), an underworld figure and devoted single dad, through his attempts to reconcile with a past love and secure a future for his children as his own death draws near.” A couple of images have been added to the gallery.

Speaking of the gallery, you might want to check it out. (While you’re at it, please (re)register as a member.) A few days ago, I realized that a great majority of the pictures uploaded were only at 80% of their intended quality. I set out to re-upload absolutely everything – along with screen caps from The Good Shepherd, The Fall, Soldier’s Girl, “Wonderfalls,” and Lee’s appearance on “Law & Order: SVU” – to give you, the fans, the greatest viewing experience possible. It also has a whole new and gorgeous look, courtesy of Raspberry Crush Designs! It looks absolutely wonderful — I hope you like, too!

New Call-Sheet and Release Date for ‘The Resident’

Dec 1

DreadCentral.com debuted the call-sheet for Lee Pace’s upcoming thriller, The Resident, produced by Hammer Studios. Unfortunately, Lee isn’t on the poster, but it’s nice to see that his film is finally heading towards your local cineplex. IAmRogue.com also mentioned that the film has an intended release date of March 11, 2011; however, I have not been able to locate this information elsewhere. For more information on The Resident, check out Hammer Films.

Gifs Added: Wonderfalls

Nov 30

I’ve added a bunch of .gifs from Wonderfalls. Feel free to use them anywhere, without credit. All I ask is that you please do not hotlink; upload the images to sites like TinyPic instead.

Content Added: Information

Nov 30

I’ve added more content to the Information category, for all those interested. Fans of Lee Pace can now view the following pages:

First Person – Read Lee’s account – in his own words – on the production of the play, “Guardians.”
• Management – Professional information about Lee’s manager, publicist, and talent agents.
• Now & Then – One picture for every year that Lee’s been in the spotlight.
Six Degrees of Separation – Ever wonder if Lee has worked with a certain celebrity? Check here!
• Walk of Fame – A small collection of celebrities Lee has been pictured with.

Major Gallery Additions: Scans, Stills, and More

Nov 28

There has been yet another huge gallery update, including the above photo shoot. A full list of each updated album can be seen below (click “continue”). Articles that can be read in the updated magazine scans album can now be seen in the press archive as well:

Change Of Pace (WWD)
Fall Guys: Lee Pace (Statement)
In Step With: Lee Pace (Parade Magazine)
Killer Touch (Best Life Magazine)
Lee Almighty (Houston Modern Luxury)
Lovers In A Dangerous Time (The Advocate)
Pace Odyssey (Men’s Vogue)
• Pace Yourself (Elle Magazine)

I hope to have screen caps for the following uploaded soon: Soldier’s Girl, The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and Wonderfalls. However, first my goal is to finally have a running audio archive. I’ll be working on that in the coming days.

As a bonus: have you ever wondered what Lee’s writing might be like? How about his thoughts on performing a challenging play nightly? Check out his First Person account on Guardians entitled “Masochism, Off-Broadway Style” here, written for Broadway.com.

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MAJOR Site Updates: Career and Press Archives

Nov 21


Introducing… the brand new portion of the site – linked above – where Lee Pace’s career is highlighted! It’s basically an extended form of his filmography. When you peruse the Career archive, you can see a synopsis of the specified project, a list of vital information, a trailer, trivia, quotes, and links to available pictures in the gallery. Some pages still need further additions (namely, pictures), but feel free to read and enjoy what’s already available. As a bonus, there are some quotes from the unaired The Miraculous Year pilot that fans can check out.

Additionally, I’ve also revamped the Press Archive so it flows better with the site. A few (old) articles and interviews have been added.

‘Ceremony’ Finds a Release Date

Nov 19

Last month, it was reported that Ceremony had acquired a distributor. Now there’s even better news for Lee Pace fans. According to Collider, Max Winkler’s Ceremony – also starring Uma Thurman and Michael Angarano – is slated to be released on April 8, 2011. Films it will compete against that weekend include the computer-animated Rio, star-studded fantasy-comedy Your Highness, and director Joe Wright’s latest, Hanna.

Lee “Plays” with Aniston, Sedgwick, Rockwell, Vardalos

Nov 17

On Sunday, November 14th, six playwrights joined together to start a journey that would last until the sunrise. Their job was to pen six ten-minute plays, which would then have six different directors attached to each one. Within 12 hours the following day, 24 actors of varying prestige would have to join together to rehearse and perform those plays.

This ambitious project is the annual 24 Hour Plays.

This year, Lee Pace took part in the theatrical challenge. His play – entitled The Bitch Downstairs, about a kidnapping gone wrong – also featured Nia Vardalos, Sam Rockwell, and Kyra Sedgwick, with a special surprise performance by Jennifer Aniston. According to reports, not even her cast mates in the play knew of Aniston’s cameo, wherein she played the spirit of a dead dog.

This year’s 24 Hour Plays was hosted by the Germany luxury pen company, Montblanc, who has helped fund the event for several years now. The show was used to benefit the Urban Arts Partnership, an organization that strives to bring art education to classrooms in New York City.

Gallery Additions: Candids, Stage, Photo Shoots

Nov 16

Another huge gallery update has been completed. I’ve added even more Candids, this time from 2006 (Lee at a NY Knicks game) and 2008 (Lee on the set of A Single Man). Additionally, I’ve reorganized and finally uploaded a few images to the Stage subcategory. Here, you can see Lee Pace appearing in his various stage performances, including The Credeaux Canvas, Guardians, Eve Ensler’s O.P.C., and The 24 Hour Plays. I should be able to add more at a later date, once I retrieve the files from my hard drive.

Most notably, however, I’ve also finally filled out the Photo Shoots subcategory. Above is a selection of the various shoots Lee has done throughout the years. Most images are high quality (HQ), and there’s even a miscellaneous section for the pictures that didn’t make sense anywhere else. Take a look around and enjoy.

(You may also want to check out The 24 Hour Plays album, as I’ve added even more pictures from last night.)

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