‘The Resident’ Trailer

Jan 12

My apologies that this wasn’t posted sooner, as I thought it was the same trailer as the one released last year! Hammer and Image Entertainment have released a new, longer trailer for The Resident. Even better news: Lee Pace is featured quite a bit in this one. The film will see a UK theatrical release on March 11, and a US direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray release on March 29, 2011. You can pre-order from Amazon here.

Gallery Additions: New (Old) Photo Shoot

Jan 7

I’ve added a few new pictures of Lee Pace from an older photo shoot. I believe the images came from a press junket, although I’m not entirely sure. A couple of film stills for The Resident and The Fall have also been added; check out the gallery.

Two videos briefly featuring Lee have been uploaded to the Video Archive, one of Lee and Kristin Chenoweth together at the Emmy Awards ’08 and another of Lee in Monte Carlo.

New Layout for LPO!

Dec 27

Just in time for the new year, Lee Pace Odyssey has a whole new look! I wanted something much lighter and fresh looking than the last layout, and I hope you all enjoy the change. Many thanks to Celyn for designing LPO. (Shameless plug: she’s also responsible for the layout on my other fan site, Hugh Fan: the newest source for Hugh Jackman.)

Additionally, I would also like to welcome Joyce to the staff of LPO! You can read her staff bio on the site history page. Joyce contributes a lot of news so that LPO can give you – the fans – information on Lee before anyone else.

LPO will be taking a slight hiatus starting on Wednesday, 29 December. I’ll be visiting London for a week and will have minimal internet access. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!

New Details on the Upcoming ‘Ceremony’

Dec 24

Ceremony – featuring Lee Pace alongside Uma Thurman – will be shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in 2011. The gala screening will be taking place on Tuesday, January 11th at 7:00 PM; an additional screening will be held on Sunday, January 16th at 10:00 AM. Members of the society can buy tickets at the film festival’s site.

The film will be in U.S. theaters on April 8, 2011. However, according to the official Facebook page, Ceremony will have an ‘On Demand’ premiere on March 4th. This means that you’ll be able to see Ceremony in the comfort of your own home, so long as you have the proper channel. By providing this service, audiences are able to watch a “sneak peak” of a feature film before the actual theatrical release date. To see if you’ll have access to this service, view Magnolia Pictures’ On Demand instructions.

Lee Pace Odyssey would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Video Archive — Now Open!

Dec 19

Video Archive

Good news, everyone! I’ve been promising it for months now, but the task was so daunting that I kept putting it off. Now, officially, Lee Pace Odyssey’s video archive is open! You’ll find various videos spanning Lee’s career, from HQ trailers to clips from his projects (television and film alike) as well as numerous interviews. Feel free to take a look around and enjoy!

Gallery Additions: ‘Possession’ Screen Caps

Dec 10

Finally, the last of the screen caps have been added to the gallery. You can now find over 3,000 images from Possession, including DVD extras (two deleted scenes and a featurette) and even the 30-minute alternative ending. Enjoy, but beware of spoilers!

You may also want to check out the animations page, as it has been updated with .gifs from recently capped films (including 16 from Marmaduke and 7 from When In Rome).

’30 Beats’ Wraps Post-Production

Dec 9

Worldview Entertainment, the company holding the reins of Lee Pace’s upcoming romantic-comedy 30 Beats, has just released their Fall 2010 newsletter. The best part is that the film is mentioned as being brought to festivals throughout 2011, which means hopefully it’ll see a theatrical release in the near future. Below is an excerpt from the newsletter:

Our upcoming feature “30 Beats,” wrapped post-production late this summer in Paris and is set to premiere this winter. The film will screen at festivals worldwide through 2011, including highly anticipated stops in the director’s native France. “30 Beats” is a romantic comedy of how a first encounter sparks a series of intimate and comedic moments linking ten New Yorkers in a chain reaction of love and desire. The film stars an ensemble cast led by Jennifer Tilly and Lee Pace, featuring Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Paz de la Huerta, Justin Kirk, Vahina Giocante and Condola Rashad. It was written and directed by Alexis Lloyd, the former head of Pathe UK, who has produced several acclaimed films over the last decade. “30 Beats” was produced by Worldview’s Senior Vice President, Molly Conners.

SOURCE – .pdf file

Gallery Additions: ‘Marmaduke’ Screen Caps

Dec 9

Screen caps for Marmaduke have been added. While you’re at it, feel free to check out the DVD extras as well. Tomorrow, I hope to have Possession caps in the gallery (and new .gifs), then I’ll start working on the video archive.

Gallery Additions: Various Screen Caps

Dec 7

I’m in the process of screen capping the rest of Lee’s films for the photo gallery. Caps for A Single Man, Infamous, The White Countess, and When In Rome have been added so far. I’ll be adding the last two – Marmaduke and Possession – in coming days. I’ve also added caps from Lee’s other work, his Fleet Bank commercial and short-film, Polarbearman. Enjoy!

Kellan Lutz Talks About Costar, Lee Pace

Dec 6

It seems like Lee Pace is already leaving good impressions on his new Breaking Dawn costars! Kellan Lutz has mentioned Pace in a couple different articles, with the excerpts below:

Q: What’s going on on the set for ‘Twilight?’ – tanya n
A: Man, if I knew any stories, ha! These movies, it’s weird because we do block shooting, so all my scenes are mainly with the Cullens, and this’ll be the fourth and fifth movie that I’ve done with these actors, so we know each other inside and out. But you don’t really get a chance to work with the werewolves because those shoots have different scenes that you’re not in, so you don’t have to go to set that day, and that’s the only time you really get to hang out with the cast members. Maybe cast dinners. So a lot of the time you don’t even get to work with a lot of the actors that are in the movie, and it’s kind of a tease. Like people will ask, “How was it like working with Dakota Fanning or Michael Sheen?” and I’m like, “I had one day.” These movies keep on adding new characters, like Lee Pace had a cast dinner, and I’ve been a fan of his, and we barely have any scenes together, so everyone’s kind of in and out. I try and get back to L.A. as much as I can, but Baton Rouge is where we’re shooting right now, and I love that town — great to go to work and go out and play afterward.


We’ve seen shots of your outfits in the Immortals…can you talk a little bit about your role as Poseiden?
YES! You know, I make vision boards of what I want to achieve, and it’s exactly for this kind of thing. I love Tarsem…

Oh my god, The Fall was epic…
Exactly! And Lee Pace is going to be in Breaking Dawn, which is really exciting.
But yeah, getting to work with such a visionary director as Tarsem, and alongside actors like Mickey Rourke, Isabel Lucas, and Frieda Pinto is just a dream come true. I’ve been practicing my accent for the film. It’s British RP…or British PR, I can never remember which.


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