‘The Hobbit’ Production Video #4

Nov 4

After many months of silence on The Hobbit front, a new production video has finally been released! Whether or not Lee Pace is featured in it is unknown, but it looks like the brief clip from 7:52 – 7:56 could be him in costume as the Elven King, Thranduil. What do you think?

Regardless of whether or not Lee is in it, fans may want to give the video a watch. The majority of it is about filming in 3D, which – although I’m not a fan of the medium – is described in such understandable detail. You really start to appreciate just how much work goes into making this film (and others like it). So while production video number four is very technical in its content, it’s definitely worth checking out — especially if you’re specifically interested in details on how movies are made. Enjoy!

Lee Helped Lead Flash Mob on ‘Breaking Dawn’ Set

Oct 29

A very funny story from the Twilight Sage: Breaking Dawn set has recently been released, courtesy of Movieline. Director Bill Condon brought to light information about an impromptu flash mob that took place during the infamous “battle scene” in the Twilight franchise, and it was helped organized by no other than Lee Pace. Thankfully, Condon also mentioned that they were still filming during this West Side Story-esque rumble, so fans can expect to see footage on the Breaking Dawn (part two) DVD. Read more about the event below:

“It was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen,” Condon told Movieline. He explained how it all happened.

“In that second movie, as you know from the book, a half-hour of it takes place in this one location, this one field,” Condon said. “We shot there for, when you include the second unit, a couple of months — but the first unit was there for many weeks.”

“When we came to the last, widest shot, with 80 vampires on one side and 27 vampires on the other, I’m sitting up the ladder and suddenly you hear this music — ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).’ And the Cullen side starts this incredible, West Side Story-kind of rumble. The other vampires then start to dance back. It was unbelievably big.”

Who was responsible for the vampire dance-off? “I know Myanna Buring was behind it, and Lee Pace,” Condon said. “There were a couple of others. I should figure out exactly who. But they kept it a secret! They rehearsed this number for a week, and kept it a secret. It was so great.”

Lee Attends Screening of ‘Anonymous’ at MOMA

Oct 21

Many thanks to Claudia at Incredibly Downey, Jr. for the two HD pictures!

Lee Pace has been a little quiet recently, but he did visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York City last night, October 20th. There, he checked out a screening of Anonymous, the upcoming Roland Emmerich-directed film that poses a “what if?” scenario on whether Elizabethan aristocrat, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the true writer behind Shakespearean works. Rhys Ifans – who is currently dating Anna Friel of “Pushing Daisies” – is the star of the film, along with Vanessa Redgrave.

New Layouts for Lee Pace Odyssey!

Oct 18

Lee Pace Odyssey has two beautiful new layouts up, courtesy of the incredibly talented Hillie at Patchwork Designs! After months of the previous graphic featuring Lee in Ceremony, I thought it was time for a change and a refreshing look for the autumn/winter seasons.

Hillie has designed some other layouts for me recently (over at Aaron Tveit Fan and Hugh Jackman Fan), which surpassed my expectations, and she’s done it yet again. I hope everyone is as pleased with the new layouts as I am. You can also expect a facelift for the Video Archive very soon, but it’ll take a bit longer as it’s being fussy.

Lee Attends Mr. Abbott Award Gala to Honor George C. Wolfe

Oct 4

Many thanks to Karen Gillan Web for the HQ pictures!

On October 3rd, Lee Pace and previous co-stars – Joe Mantello, Ellen Barkin, John Benjamin Hickey, and Jim Parsons – attended the 2011 Mr. Abbott Award gala to honor director George C. Wolfe. The event took place at Edison Ballroom and was presented by the non-profit group, The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation.

Wolfe recently directed the Tony Award-winning play, The Normal Heart, which Lee starred in as Ned Weeks. He’s also directed masterpieces like Angels in America and Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk, which he also won Tonys for. He was awarded the Mr. Abbott for influencing “the cultural landscape, and the American theatre is stronger for his presence,” said Karen Azenberg, president of SDC and Chairperson of the SDC Foundation Committee.

‘Twilight’ Cast Plays Pranks on Set

Oct 2

This is a bit old now, but there’s been little on the Lee Pace news front recently and I never did get a chance to post it anyway. Guri Weinberg – of the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn film(s) – posted a blog back in June, highlighting some antics he and fellow Twilight cast members got into while filming. Although he doesn’t get into specifics on his on-set shenanigans with Lee, he does drop this morsel:

When you’re shooting on location for 5 months, you come up with some pretty juvenile inside jokes, catchphrases and pranks. For example, what started as three extremely tired actors getting exceptionally silly while grocery shopping at Whole Foods turned into an elaborate game between myself, Lee Pace and Christian Camargo wherein one of us would, at any time or place, kick one of the others in the shin as hard as we could and then run away.

I would recommend checking out Guri’s entire blog update right here, as it provides a hilarious insight onto the Twilight set (and pranks cast/crew played on one another) whether or not you’re a fan of the franchise.

Will Lee Pace Star in a Marvel Film?

Aug 30

According to the team over at Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee Pace’s name has been tossed around to play a future Marvel Studios character. The studio is currently laying out plans for numerous comic-turned-movies, including an adaptation for Ant-Man (with director Edgar Wright) and Doctor Strange.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor, and there is no guarantee he’ll actually be cast. (Although, as it’s been on a personal wishlist of mine for him to play a Marvel character, I sincerely hope it is true!) You can read MCU’s inside scoop below:

Insider news: Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton and Lee Pace have all come up as possible actors to play an upcoming Marvel Studios role.

“Like” Lee Pace Odyssey on Facebook!

Aug 25

Lee Pace Odyssey now has a Facebook page, which you can visit and like right here. An RSS feed will publish all updates to the Facebook page for easy access to news. Additionally, LPO can now be found on Tumblr as well, where (again) news will automatically repost itself; you can follow the account at leepaceodyssey. Remember: as always, you can find us on Twitter (@LeePaceOdyssey).

Lee Pace Joins the Cast of ‘Lincoln’

Jul 28

Deadline has just announced some absolutely amazing news: Lee Pace has been cast in the upcoming Steven Spielberg-directed film, Lincoln! He’ll be playing Fernando Wood, the New York mayor and supporter of the Confederate clause.

I’m especially excited about this casting because Lee has previously mentioned his love for Daniel Day-Lewis, who will be playing President Lincoln in the film. Wood frequently corresponded with Lincoln, so it’ll be great to see them acting alongside one another. Not only that, but he’ll be working with another great director: Spielberg himself. Congratulations, Lee!

‘Ceremony’ Screen Caps Added to the Gallery

Jul 23

Finally, Lee Pace Odyssey has added screen captures of Ceremony to the gallery! I’ve also gone through the DVD extras and included albums of bonus footage, including images from Making Of Ceremony, behind the scenes, and an extended scene during the dinner party. Most importantly (and what I think fans will be interested in the most): there are now caps of the hilarious faux-documentary, A Year In A Tent: A Film By Whit Coutell, for your viewing pleasure.

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