Twitter Q&A Via @TheHobbitMovie – Pt. 2

Dec 15

Back on December 3rd, Lee Pace was involved with a live Q&A via @TheHobbitMovie — and he was hilarious. The event must have been a hit, as he was asked back for another round of answering fan questions on Twitter earlier today (December 15th). Once again, unsurprisingly, he was full of charm; Lee’s Hobbit co-star Richard Armitage even jumped in with a couple of questions, which opened and closed the Q&A session. You can read the full transcript below:

The Elvenking returns. Ready for more fun with @leepace? #AskThranduil now

@RCArmitage what music was playing and what drink was over served at the Elf party when 13 dwarves and hobbit slipped through your fingers
Good question! The soundtrack to Footloose. Dorwinion wine. But you knew that, Thorin.

@AlessiaCrawley Hi Lee! One thing you are a geek about?
Burgers. Any recommendations?

@GDMaryKidd What was your first thought when you met @Thranduart? So awesome!
So impressed with his attention to detail. One of the best Thranduils I’ve seen.

@leslyeknope if Thrunduil met with Ned the Pie Maker, do you think he would ask for him to bring his wife back?
That would make a good crossover episode

@Canucksfan2887 How many selfies do you think Thranduil would take if phones were a thing in middle earth?
You mean #elfies?

@laugh_olivia which socks are you wearing today? It’s for science…
Going Hobbit-style today. #TakeThatScience

@LindsayLiem What’s the name of your elk?
“His true name you’ll learn for yourself…”

@thranduilea Does thranduil’s hair ever get tangled when he’s fighting?
Never! This does the trick.

@ThorinDied are you made of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns? if not, name 3 things you’re made of.
Yes, yes, and yes.

@santathorin is #TakeThatScience a thing now, should i use it in my exam tomorrow
Yes, my elves. Your king commands you.

@__Quidam which song would you choose for a dance-off against the orcs?

@samblush How would you describe the realtionship between Legolas and Thranduil in 3 words?
Father. Son. Hair. #TakeThatScience


@ruffaloed If Middle Earth had an equivalent of Tinder, what would Thranduil’s profile say?
Diamond lover. Elk rider. Disappointed father.

@ronanduil Who is Thranduils favourite late night host?
It’s a tie between @StephenAtHome, @JimmyKimmel and @SethMeyers.

@sxrahjayne Can we make Keeping Up With The Elven King a thing? Because that would be amazing.

@_raggedyangel what would Thranduils favourite Disney movie be?
#Frozen, yours?

@leepace Guys, I have to get to @JimmyKimmelLive. Two more questions! Make ’em good. #AskThranduil

@alsowillgraham What is Thranduil’s favorite 80s song?
Any of these:

@RCArmitage ‘how was the hangover Thranduil?’
What hangover? #TakeThatScience

@leepace You’re the best fans in all of Middle-earth! You’re welcome in Mirkwood any time. – LP

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  1. Lee, what are your thoughts if Peter Jackson went back in time when your wife was alive and marriage… and birth of Legolas …would you be up to doing that?


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