“The TODAY Show” (Dec. 2014)

Dec 11

Lee Pace was on “The TODAY Show” this morning, December 11th, to help promote the upcoming US release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. He was alone among the Hobbit cast but fared well handling the three-person panel. He talked of his character, Thranduil, and the horse he rode named Moose that was later transformed into an elk in the movie. At three-minutes long, it’s a short interview, but worth checking out.

Also, for those looking for Lee’s interview on “The View” today: sadly, it did not happen. Luke Evans had dropped out due to illness, then Orlando Bloom, but both Lee and Richard Armitage were no-shows this morning. No worries, though; Lee booked an appearance with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz instead, so we can look forward to another great interview with him and Josh.

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