“The Rachael Ray Show” (Dec. 2014)

Dec 18

Despite filming it a full week ago, Lee Pace’s episode of “The Rachael Ray Show” finally aired yesterday. There doesn’t appear to be a full clip of his segment online (yet), but the official Rachael Ray site has uploaded a small portion of Lee’s interview, which you can view by clicking on the image above (there’s no embed available). In the clip, he talks about his wild Comic Con memory from earlier this year, when he and Hobbit co-star Andy Serkis woke up unsuspecting fans at 2-3am to greet them and take pictures. If the full interview pops up, I’ll edit this post with a new link.

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  1. Why did Lee said that we’re a little disappointed with what he looks like in real life?… We love the way you are, Lee…just wanna remind him that NIP (Nobody’s perfect). Warm regards from Indonesia :)


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