Lee Pace Talks ‘Ceremony’

Mar 5

MovieWeb has released a new interview featuring Lee Pace and his discussion regarding Ceremony, his British accent, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. How fun was it to ride in a dune buggy, and what’s his opinion on Kristen Stewart? For his answers, head over to the source for the full interview; an excerpt is below. I’ve also added the interview into the Press Archive here.

I recently saw the movie and the first thing that came to mind was it felt like an indie version of Wedding Crashers.

Lee Pace: Totally, totally.

It was kind of like Wedding Crashers meets Aaron Sorkin, almost. Was that the kind of vibe you got when you first read the script?

Lee Pace: I hadn’t read anything like this before. I just thought it was cool and interesting. The story changes in such an interesting way, from beginning to end, and I just loved the character. I thought the character was a lot of fun and would be fun to play. There’s a lot of creative life you can build around a character like that.

What was great about your performance is that people who might not know your work, they wouldn’t know that you’re not British. It was a very convincing British accent you had here.

Lee Pace: Oh, good. I pitched (writer-director) Max (Winkler) that maybe he’s from New Jersey and he just puts on this accent because that’s who he is. He has created this persona. I just imagined this idea of this guy, who, when he’s 13 years old, sails around the world and has had this incredible life, this incredible fun life that he wants to share with everyone.


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