Lee Pace is Still Not British

Dec 10

It seems to be a surprise to many people when they learn that Lee Pace is not actually British; in fact, he was born in Oklahoma. ScreenCrush addressed this phenomenon in a recent interview, in which Lee also talks about his Middle-earth and Marvel universe roles, Thranduil and Ronan (respectively). In the “Year of Lee Pace,” it sounds like he’s having a great time with regards to his professional life. Read an excerpt of the interview below before heading to the source for more:

This feels like “The Year of Lee Pace.”

[laughs] Oh, no.

We did a list of people who are in the highest-grossing movies of the year and you were sixth.

Are you kidding?

Between Guardians of the Galaxy and what The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies will make.

That’s incredible. I know, I mean — that’s great. It’s so fun. And when Guardians of the Galaxy was doing so well earlier this year, everyone was seeing it and tweeting “I am Groot.” It was just like, “Wow, it’s really fun to be a part of a hit like this.” It’s really, really fun. Now, when you’re shooting it, when you’re making it, it’s creative. That’s what I love so much about the Marvel movies and what’s so incredible about these Middle-earth movies is they’re just creative. It’s like, you’re not telling a story that takes place in someone’s kitchen. [laughs] You’re in the far corners of the galaxy; you’re in this incredible battle of five armies at the gates of Erebor. And I’m playing characters that are so far from myself. I’m in Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a crazy mask!


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