Lee Clarifies HACF’s Computer Angle: “It’s About People”

Jun 25

Lee Pace recently spoke to The Guardian about “Halt and Catch Fire,” his current AMC series on the birth of personal computers and the people behind the movement. He’s also asked about his technology experience, from feeling nostalgic about Speak & Spell to his involvement in video games. And what’s coming up in Lee’s career? Well, he’s just planning on taking some time off. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the full interview.

Your current project is “Halt and Catch Fire” — a drama about the birth of home computing doesn’t immediately sound that compelling.
I thought the script was interesting — something I didn’t know much about. I know about the tech industry after 2000: Facebook and so on. That’s the tech history we’re most exposed to -– what’s happening now. The birth of it all felt like a dark spot.

Is it tough to sell some of the more technical dialogue?
I understand as much as I can. These characters are experts, so I’ve given myself a pass on some of it. The show isn’t really about computers; it’s about people. People who really care about computers the way I care about movies. How they work, how they connect, which programs run them. That’s their area of creativity.


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