Lee Answers “People Chatter” Questions

Aug 4

Lee Pace recently sat down with People for a short, fun interview — promoting both Guardians Of The Galaxy and “Halt And Catch Fire” in the process. In the segment called “People Chatter,” Lee had 60 seconds to answer give questions: the craziest stunt he’s ever done, his 80s jam, how he grooms his “fantastic eyebrows,” what he thinks Ned and Chuck would be up to in a “Pushing Daisies” reunion, and whether Ronan or Thranduil had a more uncomfortable costume. Check out the video above.

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  1. Hello I think You are like a multicultural actor, to be as vampire to be a senator or a punisher, I would like to know,
    Have you ever think to act with an international director in an other language and which one would you like to work with?
    Thank you
    Saludos desde México


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