John Benjamin Hickey Talks More Lee Pace

Jun 6

Here’s a sweet tidbit from an interview John Benjamin Hickey did with Entertainment Weekly. He talks – once again – about sharing a dressing room with Lee Pace and Jim Parsons, and their ritual before hitting the stage:

How do you get from your Big C character Sean’s headspace to Felix’s in an hour and 20 minutes?
I know, Sean is like the nutty, manic-depressive, homeless-by-choice guy and Felix is the f—ing fashion editor of the New York Times. Let’s just start with how much I have to shower and comb my hair. But the play is so brilliantly written that much of your work is done for you. You just have to give yourself to the material. I come into my dressing room — which I share with Jim and Lee Pace, both of who are so brilliant — and we turn on some disco music or some great rock-n-roll. We drink Gatorade, nothing stronger, and we just get our hearts and minds wrapped around it.

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