“Hannibal” Cancellation “Brought Back [‘Pushing Daisies’] Memories” to Lee

Jun 25

Although LPO recently updated about a potential Buffalo Bill appearance from Lee Pace, three days ago news recently spread across media that NBC’s “Hannibal” has unfortunately been cancelled.

Although that may not necessarily mean the end of the show – there reportedly has been interest expressed from other platforms – Lee was asked by Digital Spy about the show’s cancellation. He spoke about how it felt similar to the end of “Pushing Daisies” and how – regardless – he’s excited about Richard Armitage’s upcoming take on Francs Dolarhyde, the Red Dragon.

“I was so disappointed that ‘Hannibal’ was canceled,” he told Digital Spy. “It’s kind of brought back the memories of when ‘Pushing Daisies’ was canceled too soon. I just thought ‘What the hell? What do you have to do to win this?’

“I love what Bryan Fuller is doing with ‘Hannibal’; it’s such a smart show and so beautiful and cinematic. It’s got such a committed, loyal fan base. I’m really excited to see what Richard Armitage does when he comes on as the Red Dragon, because that’s such an awesome character.”


In a separate article with DS, Lee Pace talked about his take on social media and the impact it’s had on breaking down barriers with fans. (If you’ve ever tweeted at him, it sounds like he may have taken a peek at your profile to get a better idea of you are!) There’s also brief talk about Joe MacMillan’s arc on the current season of “Halt And Catch Fire.” Check out an excerpt below, and be sure to visit both sources for the full articles.

Speaking about talking with his passionate fan base online, he said: “It’s been nothing but a good experience for me. I find people really supportive and enthusiastic. It’s removed a barrier between me and them that I was happy was gone.

“You depend on the subterfuge of the media, and now you don’t have to. You can send them a good wish or tell them something you’re interested in. If someone follows you, you can click on their page and see a little bit of what they’re about. You don’t get a total picture of someone, but you see what they’re interesting in showing, and you get to eavesdrop a bit on their life, and it’s interesting.”


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