“Halt And Catch Fire” Live Fan Q&A

Jun 29

Earlier today, Lee Pace hit up Facebook to answer some fan questions. The hour-long event (which was only meant to be 30 minutes) was hosted by AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” FB page, so a big thanks – and props – to them for giving fans such an opportunity. Among talking about Joe MacMillan, Lee also answered questions about his favorite 80s music and what kind of movies inspired him as a young actor. You can check out an excerpt of the questions below, or read the whole transcript in the press archive.

Q&A: You’ve embodied so many different characters throughout your career as an actor. Do you have a set process for preparing yourself for the characters you play, or does it differ with each persona?
LP: Hey. Thanks for the question. The process is always different. Always different inspirations. Different cast of characters.

Q&A: What is the hardest part about playing this character?
LP: Learning the lines. And saying them in the right order. Just kidding. Seriously, thanks for the question. I’m intrigued by Joe as well. And I guess there are a lot of answers. He’s not an easy man to understand, and I’m still learning. His unprincipled ambition. His wild aspiration… Joe is an unhinged man. He lives a fantasy of his own creation. He is tenacious and will not rest until the world matches the possibility that he can visualize… That’s not a sane, or respectful, way to live. I love Joe. I defend him, even when he does despicable things. Joe knows what he wants to be… but he doesn’t know how he is. Who am I, really? It’s an important question for a man to face… and it’s time Joe started to ask it.

Q&A: Favorite 80s music?
LP: I’m a big music fan, and the music from the early 80s is so diverse and cool… The Clash. New Order. Michael Jackson. Who else?

It should also be noted that you can now find Lee Pace on Facebook:

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