EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test

Aug 4

Lee Pace recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, giving answers to their traditional interview segment: the Pop Culture Personality Test. This is usually a fun segment, where questions like “what song do you sing in the shower?” are asked. In Lee’s case, he answered the following: his first celebrity crush (he even wrote a letter!), how he planned his life growing up, the first album he was obsessed with, and what sex scene he’s rewound (a lot).

Check out his answers in the video above, or read in an excerpt below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Punky Brewster. I actually wrote her a letter. I wrote her a letter saying, “Hey, my name is Lee Pace, and, uh, I think we’d have a lot in common.” [laughs] It was like a whole thing, and I sent it off, and I was waiting’ for a reply, but she never sent it. Probably got lost in the mail.

What TV show did you plan your life around growing up?

When I would come home from junior high school, me and my sister would watch back-to-back episode of “Sanford and Son.” It was on at, like, five o’clock, six o’clock, and we would sit there on the floor of my parents’ bedroom, and do our homework, and watch “Sanford and Son.”

What was the first album you were obsessed with?

The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I remember the cassette — I bought it at Walmart. And I listened to it a thousand times — a thousand times. “Parents Just Don’t Understand…” I danced to it by myself.

What movie sex scene have you rewound… a lot?
Team America. It’s like the best sex scene ever. That was in the X-rated [version]? Was that ever in theaters? I think it was just at home, on the DVD. We watched it over and over again… and then tried to recreate it. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

4 Responses to “EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test”

  1. LOL can’t imagine Lee being a rebellious teenager, he always seemed so sweet.But I do wonder who did he watch Team America with :p


  2. Hi lee. Im dimples. No wonder you are my one and only crush. Its because i was born a year before you and 3 days before you on the same month. I think punky brewster is dweet added to that series was her grand dad who was also dweet. I hope and pray to meet you in person surprisingly.


  3. Sorry the word is sweet not dweet.


  4. Hi lee. Im dimples. I hope and pray to meet you in person someday. Punky brewster is a really sweet girl in that series with her grand dad. No wonder were in the same milieu coz were both an aries same birth month i was born three days earlier than you and a year ahead of you. You are my ultimate crush. God bless you always.


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