Donate to Ward 48

Mar 11

Earlier today, filmmakers involved with Lee Pace’s latest indie film, Revolt, took to IndieGogo in search of help. Their mission was to rase $15,000 for the community of Ward 48 in South Africa, where Revolt was filmed in 2014. The township – which is on the outskirts of Johannesburg – is in dire need of assistance. Money raised throughout the campaign will be used to help bring positive changes to Ward 48, such as drug counselors, a soccer field, car wash, and garden to help feed its citizens.

Happily, the goal of raising $15k – a donation amount which was to be matched by the filmmakers – was quickly reached. They are still collecting donations on their IndieGogo page. Additionally, you’ll receive various gifts in return for your generosity — but don’t let that be the incentive for your giving. Every little bit helps the campaign; so even if you only have $1, please consider supporting Ward 48 and giving back to a community that truly needs it. They graciously housed the cast and crew of Revolt, so let’s give us our thanks!

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