‘Ceremony’ Premiere at TIFF ’10

Sep 13

Lee’s newest film – Ceremony – premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival today. In it, he plays Whit, Uma Thurman’s love interest and “a self-important documentary filmmaker who’s an outrageous cross between Jacques Costeau and ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin.” Visit the gallery to view pictures from the event; Lee showed up to the premiere bearded and in very casual attire. Below are quick excerpts from a few film reviewers who were able to attend the screening:

@firstshowing: Ceremony was great. Fantastic debut for Max Winkler, definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on. Wonderful film, enjoyed it.

@ioncinema: TIFF Day 5: Ceremony: Max Fischer-esque kid in an adult body. Max Winkler’s debut is strong & feels like an original take in the sub-genre

@slashfilm: Max Winkler is a filmmaker to look out for in the years to come. Good performances, great cast, Well written dialogue, Jake Johnson is a scene stealer.

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  1. Thanks for the pics!
    He seems to be happy – though he looks way too thin, imo. I´m a bit concerned. Hope he feels well. I´m looking forward to this film!


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