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Name: Lee Grinner Pace
Birthday/Age: March 25, 1979 / 35
Hometown: Spring, Texas
Residence: New York
Height: 6’3″ / 1.91 m
Parents: James Roy and Charlotte (née Kloeckler) Pace
Siblings: Sally Jane (sister) and William James (brother)
Hobbies: traveling, extreme sports (sky diving), hiking, biking, camping, reading

» Trivia

• Lee was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma but spent time living in various places: Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Saudi Arabia; New Orleans, Louisiana. His family settled in Spring, Texas.

• Attended Klein High School in Spring, Texas until graduation in 1997. He enrolled at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City and graduated with a BFA in drama.

• “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller wrote the character of Ned with Lee in mind.

• Learned all three songs his character, Michael, performed on piano in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

• After his first television series (Fox’s “Wonderfalls”) was cancelled, Lee repeatedly stated he was hesitant to involve himself in more TV work. He’s since starred in “Pushing Daisies” and, in 2010, shot a pilot episode for an HBO drama, “The Miraculous Year.” (It was not picked up for series.)

• After reading the “Pushing Daisies” pilot script, Lee called creator and executive producer Bryan Fuller to suggest who should play Digby, the dog: Martha Stewart’s chow chows.

• In 2009, he took a house building class in Maine, where he and 14 others built a home from the ground up with timbers and logs.

• Said that he hopes to one day learn how to speak Spanish and play the guitar.

• If he got bored of acting, Lee said he might take to building houses or move to a farm.

• South Africa was one of his favorite locations to shoot in for The Fall.

• A lot of the pies on the “Pushing Daisies” set were plastic, but not all. Lee said he gained 15 pounds throughout the second season.

• If he could bring back anyone from the dead, he said he would choose his grandmother.

• Hikes every morning and considers it a de-stresser. Sometimes he brings his dog to Runyon Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California.

• Said he doesn’t like the Hollywood life and prefers staying in with his dog rather than attending award show after-parties and social functions.

• Under director Tarsem Singh’s direction, he pretended to be a paraplegic while shooting The Fall to pull out more realistic reactions from co-star, Catinca Untaru. Lee was forced to lie to a majority of the crew and said he had injured himself in a motorcycle accident.

• The name Roy used in The Fall is actually Lee’s father’s middle name.

• Favorite pie is the American classic: apple.

• Loves to play pranks. One time he put a bull testicle in “Daisies” co-star Anna Friel’s trailer. Another time, on April Fool’s Day, he called his mom and told her he had been arrested on drug possession while on vacation in South America.

• Tried surfing in Brazil but said he was too clumsy.

• Loves Daniel Day-Lewis. Lee used to go to the same coffee house in New York just to see the famous actor and get his “fix.”

• Is still friends with the likes of Amy Adams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, his co-stars in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Possession, respectively.

• Attended Klein High School with fellow actor, Matthew Bomer (“White Collar”). He attended the drama division of Juilliard alongside classmates such as Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker) and Tracie Thoms (Mahandra in “Wonderfalls”).

• Mother Charlotte teaches math, science, and social studies to third grade students in Texas.

• Claims he liked “anything weird” as a kid. He often read comic books and watched cartons.

• Dropped out of high school to practice acting at Houston’s Alley Theatre. When he applied and was accepted to The Juilliard School, they requested he go back to high school and get his diploma.

• Juilliard was the only drama school Lee auditioned for.

• Had prosthetic breasts and hips made for his role in Soldier’s Girl. After the film wrapped, Lee sent a pair of the prosthetic breasts to his then 14-year-old brother, Will.

• Prepared for his role as Calpernia Addams not by going to drag clubs or observing transsexuals, but by watching how biological women behaved instead.

• Traveled in India for a couple of months before attending college. He lived on $4 a day.

• Lived in the Middle East and New Orleans before moving to Spring, TX in the seventh grade.

• Lost about 25 pounds to play the role of Calpernia Addams in Soldier’s Girl, dropping down to about 160 lb. He said he lost the weight by not eating anything and sleeping a lot and described it as one of the most depressing times of his life.

• Plays games on the Nintendo Wii and claims his dog “doesn’t know or understand” the console.

• It took up to four hours every day putting Lee into makeup to portray Calpernia Addams.

• Adam Scott was the original choice to play Aaron on “Wonderfalls” and was even in the unaired pilot, but was forced to drop out once cast in The Aviator. Lee replaced him.

• Wanted his character in Miss Pettigrew to have a northern English accent, like Albert Finney. He saw Michael as being blue collar and passionate with his heart on his sleeve.

• Lee’s voice was really featured in the duet with Amy Adams, “If I Didn’t Care.” Both actors recorded the song together at Abbey Road, where classic artists such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded albums.

• Auditioned for his part in The Good Shepard for an entire year, meeting with Robert De Niro several times in the process.

• Used to be a competitive swimmer in his youth, but suffered from recurring ear infections and was forced to stop. Lee has said he still can’t get his head more than a couple of feet underwater before it feels like his head will explode.

• His mother is the one who suggested he started acting, after swimming fell through.

• Collects collapsible camping cups.

• Has an iPhone and stores photos of his dog on it, whom he proudly shows off.

• Was in two commercials: one for Fleet Bank alongside Guardian’s co-star, Kate Moennig, and the other for a Bud Light aired during the 2007 Superbowl.

Ceremony was shot at an old mansion on the northern shore of Long Island, where the cast and crew lived throughout the duration of filming. They lived on separate beach houses on the property; Lee shared his bedroom with both Michael Angarano and Jake Johnson.

• Some of his roles while enrolled at Juilliard include Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet,” the title role in “King Richard II,” and Cassius in “Julius Caesar.”

• Has said that Kill Bill is one of his “all-time favorite movies,” especially because of Uma Thurman and Darryl Hannah “beating the shit out of each other in a trailer.”

• Lee was “terrified” about having to dance in Ceremony. He asked the director, Max Winkler, numerous questions about how he should have played it for an entire week. The nerves came from the fact that he thinks he’s “too tall” to dance.

• If you ever meet Lee and are stumped about what to say to him, bring up his experience on working on The Fall. He’s said that because he’s so proud of the film, he gets “incredibly excited” when people recognize him from it and wants to “tell stories from shooting it because I loved making that movie so much.”

• His dialect coach – who has helped him with his British accent in both Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Ceremony – is Kate Wilson, who was also a teacher of his at Juilliard.

• “The Sopranos” and “Damages” are two of his favorite television shows.

• Along with co-star, Myanna Buring, Lee organized a flash mob dance-off on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. While setting up shots for the battle sequence in part two, a “West Side Story-kind of rumble” started between both groups, much to director Bill Condon’s amusement and surprise.

• Boys will be boys! Along with the dance-off, Lee got into other shenanigans on the Breaking Dawn set. While grocery shopping at Whole Foods one time, he – along with fellow actors Guri Weinberg and Christian Camargo – started randomly kicking one another in the shins before running away as part of a game created out of silliness and exhaustion.

• Lee owns acres of land in Upstate New York. He’s stated in an interview that he bought a tractor for the property – something he had always wanted – and plans to farm.