New Film Stills for ‘Ceremony’

Jun 22

In case you forgot, Ceremony was recently released on DVD and Bluray! Be sure to check it out, whether it’s through Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix. I personally loved the film and will be purchasing it soon, and then you can expect screen caps added to the gallery. In the meantime, Nala Pictures has posted a few new film stills – some of which feature Lee Pace – that you can check out above.

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    Gah! He is all kinds of beauty.
    Such wonderful screen caps, thanks!


  2. I haven’t seen too many updates on Lee lately. That’ll probably change when he starts filming “The Hobbit.”

    Here’s Whit’s documentary from “Ceremony,” which was posted to LEE PACE IS AWESOME.

    I know it was supposed to be over the top, but I think it was too far out there. The humor should’ve been subtler.


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