‘Ceremony’ Coming to DVD, June 21st

Jun 15

Ceremony is has already found a DVD release date and it’s soon: June 21st! You can already pre-order the movie on Amazon here. A list of detailed special features one can expect to find on the DVD/Bluray, including what sounds like some extra footage of Lee Pace, can be seen below:

“Deleted Scenes” (2:11) spends additional time with Marshall, seen here in various states of confusion and dismissal.

“Outtakes” (2:40) offers a routine of giggle fits and improvisational exploration.

“Extended Scene” (2:37) elongates a dinner toast from Zoe’s disturbed brother.

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3 Responses to “‘Ceremony’ Coming to DVD, June 21st”

  1. Aah I’ve had this saved in my netflix queue forever guess I wasn’t the only one because I’m stuck on the short wait list right now. :/


  2. WOW! thanks. It’s amazing.


  3. I loved Whit’s “A Year in the Tent” faux documentary, I was laughing the entire time


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