‘Pushing Daisies’ Season 2 Soundtrack Gets Release Date

Feb 26

Lee Pace fans might be interested in this wonderful Pushing Daisies-related news. On April 5th, Jim Dooley’s soundtrack for the show’s second season will finally be released! You can pre-order the album from Varese Sarabande Records here. Read more for the track listing details:

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Major Gallery Additions: Scans, Stills, and More

Nov 28

There has been yet another huge gallery update, including the above photo shoot. A full list of each updated album can be seen below (click “continue”). Articles that can be read in the updated magazine scans album can now be seen in the press archive as well:

Change Of Pace (WWD)
Fall Guys: Lee Pace (Statement)
In Step With: Lee Pace (Parade Magazine)
Killer Touch (Best Life Magazine)
Lee Almighty (Houston Modern Luxury)
Lovers In A Dangerous Time (The Advocate)
Pace Odyssey (Men’s Vogue)
• Pace Yourself (Elle Magazine)

I hope to have screen caps for the following uploaded soon: Soldier’s Girl, The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and Wonderfalls. However, first my goal is to finally have a running audio archive. I’ll be working on that in the coming days.

As a bonus: have you ever wondered what Lee’s writing might be like? How about his thoughts on performing a challenging play nightly? Check out his First Person account on Guardians entitled “Masochism, Off-Broadway Style” here, written for Broadway.com.

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‘Miraculous Year’ is a No-Go at HBO

Nov 9

Fans eagerly awaited seeing Lee Pace in the much talked about (potential) HBO drama, The Miraculous Year, directed by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow, but it looks like the project could be dead in the water. According to Deadline Hollywood, HBO has decided not to expand on the pilot.

The article also states that the appeal of the series – largely focused around the musical theater world – was narrow for audiences, potentially driving the premium cable network to passing on the pilot. Especially considering the talent behind The Miraculous Year, it’s a shame we may not ever find out for sure.

‘Pushing Daisies’ Comic May Feature Soundtrack

Sep 24

What could make the Pushing Daisies comic whimsical? How about a soundtrack! Michael Ausiello posted some new information about the upcoming Pushing Daisies comics in his September 23rd edition of Ask Ausiello. According to Bryan Fuller, licensing fees for the songs still need to be worked out, but he and others working on the project are aiming for a multimedia experience. Below is the direct quote from Fuller:

“Issue number 1 will hopefully be out in early 2011, issue number 2 is being colored as we speak, and issue number 3 is being written. Our Emmy-award-winning composer Jim Dooley and I have been talking about giving the audience a multimedia experience with the comic—specifically a score. We have no idea whether we can actually afford to do an actual Pushing Daisies comic soundtrack (because the cast has agreed to sing songs and those licensing fees are expensive), but Jim has already started composing musical cues that we will either release officially or stream for freesies online when the comic book is published. I’ve already heard the track for Lee Pace’s cover ditty and it’s fantastic.”

We’ve heard Lee sing in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and Soldier’s Girl, and it looks like there may be another opportunity forthcoming. Any guesses on what Ned may be singing?

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