“Hannibal” Cancellation “Brought Back [‘Pushing Daisies’] Memories” to Lee

Jun 25

Although LPO recently updated about a potential Buffalo Bill appearance from Lee Pace, three days ago news recently spread across media that NBC’s “Hannibal” has unfortunately been cancelled.

Although that may not necessarily mean the end of the show – there reportedly has been interest expressed from other platforms – Lee was asked by Digital Spy about the show’s cancellation. He spoke about how it felt similar to the end of “Pushing Daisies” and how – regardless – he’s excited about Richard Armitage’s upcoming take on Francs Dolarhyde, the Red Dragon.

“I was so disappointed that ‘Hannibal’ was canceled,” he told Digital Spy. “It’s kind of brought back the memories of when ‘Pushing Daisies’ was canceled too soon. I just thought ‘What the hell? What do you have to do to win this?’

“I love what Bryan Fuller is doing with ‘Hannibal’; it’s such a smart show and so beautiful and cinematic. It’s got such a committed, loyal fan base. I’m really excited to see what Richard Armitage does when he comes on as the Red Dragon, because that’s such an awesome character.”


In a separate article with DS, Lee Pace talked about his take on social media and the impact it’s had on breaking down barriers with fans. (If you’ve ever tweeted at him, it sounds like he may have taken a peek at your profile to get a better idea of you are!) There’s also brief talk about Joe MacMillan’s arc on the current season of “Halt And Catch Fire.” Check out an excerpt below, and be sure to visit both sources for the full articles.

Speaking about talking with his passionate fan base online, he said: “It’s been nothing but a good experience for me. I find people really supportive and enthusiastic. It’s removed a barrier between me and them that I was happy was gone.

“You depend on the subterfuge of the media, and now you don’t have to. You can send them a good wish or tell them something you’re interested in. If someone follows you, you can click on their page and see a little bit of what they’re about. You don’t get a total picture of someone, but you see what they’re interesting in showing, and you get to eavesdrop a bit on their life, and it’s interesting.”


Lee Clarifies HACF’s Computer Angle: “It’s About People”

Jun 25

Lee Pace recently spoke to The Guardian about “Halt and Catch Fire,” his current AMC series on the birth of personal computers and the people behind the movement. He’s also asked about his technology experience, from feeling nostalgic about Speak & Spell to his involvement in video games. And what’s coming up in Lee’s career? Well, he’s just planning on taking some time off. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the full interview.

Your current project is “Halt and Catch Fire” — a drama about the birth of home computing doesn’t immediately sound that compelling.
I thought the script was interesting — something I didn’t know much about. I know about the tech industry after 2000: Facebook and so on. That’s the tech history we’re most exposed to -– what’s happening now. The birth of it all felt like a dark spot.

Is it tough to sell some of the more technical dialogue?
I understand as much as I can. These characters are experts, so I’ve given myself a pass on some of it. The show isn’t really about computers; it’s about people. People who really care about computers the way I care about movies. How they work, how they connect, which programs run them. That’s their area of creativity.


“Halt and Catch Fire” S2 Teaser

Mar 30

The first peek at “Halt and Catch Fire” season two has been released in a very, very short promo featuring the four main cast members. Don’t get too excited: it’s probably the most teasing teaser I’ve ever seen, and Lee Pace himself is only on camera for a couple of seconds. Still, along with a new (five-minute) clip of S2 with Donna and Cameron, the new footage should help whet the appetites of eager fans until HACF returns to AMC on May 31st.

“The Mindy Project” Promo: S3E13 — “San Francisco Bae”

Jan 5

The first episode stills and synopsis for Lee Pace’s episode of “The Mindy Project” are finally available. His episode – cleverly titled “San Francisco Bae” – is airing on FOX next week, January 13th. (Lee is playing Alex Eakin, the “nerd-turned-billionaire ex-flame” — which explains his hair in the flashback still!) Check out a couple of pics from the ep in the gallery and a proper summary of what to expect below:

While trying to make friends in her new city, Mindy runs into a nerd-turned-billionaire ex-flame from Princeton. She imagines the life of riches she could have had with him and questions her relationship with Danny. Meanwhile, back in New York, Danny and Morgan think they witness Lauren cheating on Jeremy with Peter, so they devise a way to spy on Peter.

‘Keeping Pace’: Jim Parsons Interviews Lee Pace

Dec 17

In a fantastic new interview with, well, Interview Magazine, Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” spoke to Lee Pace for a very easy-going conversation. They talked about Lee’s latest foray into Middle-earth with The Hobbit trilogy and tech-savvy Joe Macmillan in AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” — and even dabbled into Lee’s youth, including early runs at Houston’s Alley Theatre. Lee and Jim have known each other for years – they starred together in the Tony Award-winning play, The Normal Heart – and it creates for an easy rapport. Check out an excerpt of the interview below before heading to the source:

PARSONS: For a TV show – maybe for any project, but certainly for a continuing TV show – it is the people, the characters, that people want to see.

PACE: [“Halt and Catch Fire” is] about this American identity of the hunger for success and ambition and failure. We live in this culture where everyone’s just trying to get it right all the time: You’re trying to get right with God, you’re trying to be the right person, you’re trying to do this right, that right. And no one ever will. I really applaud the writers for writing these characters who are in the thick of trying to weed through the competition of their ambition versus their heart and their fallibility and their inadequacies and mediocrity and their desire to be more than they are. It’s the greys on this show that I find most interesting. You find yourself trying to categorize things – it’s this; it’s that – but it’s not that. It’s a grey thing that we all live through with the passage of time and our faulty record of memory.

PARSONS: And like you say, anything that I can think of that any human is trying to do, is aim for some sort of “perfection,” and that’s not going to happen.

PACE: The show is about innovation, the march into the future. It’s impossible to think about that without really weighing the lasting impact of the past and the complicated conditions of the present.


Lee to Guest Star on “The Mindy Project”

Nov 14

E Online has just reported that Lee Pace will guest star on “The Mindy Project,” the Fox comedy starring Mindy Kaling. He is currently booked for one episode, according to the article.

On the show, Lee will play a character named Alex, “a handsome San Francisco tech millionaire who took Mindy’s virginity back when he was a dorky college student.” An air date has yet to be announced, but LPO will keep everyone updated on when we should see Lee back on TV once again.

Complex: Lee Pace is Too Busy for Games

Aug 4

There is a new interview featuring Lee Pace, courtesy of Complex. While the main subject revolves mostly around AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” – what with the season one finale airing Sunday night – there’s also discussion of a few other projects. Namely, Lee once again talks about acting as Joe Macmillan versus a character like Ronan (as soon in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy). Check out an excerpt below:

Is it fun for you to go back and forth from blockbuster like Guardians to a show where you’re doing a lot of character-based work?
I feel very fortunate to have that, very, very lucky because just for that reason. The characters are so different, the approach for the characters is so different. It’s not just about different people, it’s about a different way of working that I find very interesting, that I think I’ve had the good fortune to do. So, yeah, I love it!

Do you tend to gravitate toward characters you can see yourself in, or that are totally removed from how you think of yourself? Did you identify with Joe at all?
Like I said, it’s different ways of working. I never expected Joe to be, in a way, as close to me as he turned out to be, you know what I mean? When I read the beginning stuff, when I read the pilot and stuff, I didn’t think he was like me at all. But when I watched it back, when I watched what we had shot, I did feel like, “Oh, I understand that. I understand trying to walk into a new situation, starting a new endeavor, and maybe trying to be someone that you’re not. I get that.” I understand having a hard time connecting with someone that you care about deeply, and possibly losing them, and these are all things that Joe is going through.

I’m sorry, I kind of veered off away from your question, but I kind of do think… I don’t know, I like them both. They’re just different, very different. I’m definitely surprised at how much like me he is, and especially in this last episode. I mean I’m actor [laughs]; other characters, like Ronan, are about being something that’s not even human. But with a character like Joe, it’s a real study in humanity, and authenticity, and that’s the opportunity and that’s the important part, is to allow that authenticity in.


“Halt And Catch Fire” Episode Stills, S1E09-10

Aug 4

AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” wrapped up season one last night, airing the finale in a solid run of ten episodes. Episode stills from the final two episodes – Up Helly Aa and 1984 – have been added to the gallery. Lee Pace, who plays Joe Macmillan on the show, also answered some fan questions on his Twitter last night as part of a live Q&A. Check out his answers below:

‏@elysee_indream: A question for Lee: Joe knew Bosworth set him up to be beaten by the police, why do you think he just let it go?
I think he had it coming. He knew it…. And joe can take a beating. He’s tough.

‏@schrokitten: What were you like in the 80s?
little. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BuJ-mI0IcAAs4Ct.jpg

‏@alsowillgraham: Favorite song featured on the show?
I love the song that plays at the end of the pilot. Are friend electric from episode 3…. Anything

‏@piemak3r: whats your favorite band/music from the 80s? love u so much
new order. Micheal Jackson. What are your favorited?

‏@phuknuckle: Is Joe in love with Mackenzie?
JOEMAC is running CAMDOS. She is irresistible to him…

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“Late Night with Seth Meyers” (July 2014)

Jul 30

Last night (or this morning, depending on your perspective), Lee Pace made his very first late-night talk show appearance in front of a live studio audience. In order to help promote Marvel’s upcoming movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Lee spoke to Seth Meyers as part of NBC’s “Late Night.” He elaborated on the 2am wake-up call he and Andy Serkis performed at Comic-Con just several days ago, along with some discussion on “Halt And Catch Fire.” Lee is as charming as ever — and, thankfully, did not vomit.

Check out the interview below:

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“Halt And Catch Fire” Episode Stills, S105-08

Jul 20

In case you missed there, there are episode stills from four more “Halt And Catch Fire” episodes in the gallery. You can find HD stills from episodes 5-8, which catches us up on the current progress of the show. Check out the gallery for photos from Adventure, Landfall, Giant, and the most recent The 214s. There are only two episodes left of the season, so be sure to turn into AMC on Sunday nights see how the season one arc concludes.

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