‘Keeping Pace’: Jim Parsons Interviews Lee Pace

Dec 17

In a fantastic new interview with, well, Interview Magazine, Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” spoke to Lee Pace for a very easy-going conversation. They talked about Lee’s latest foray into Middle-earth with The Hobbit trilogy and tech-savvy Joe Macmillan in AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” — and even dabbled into Lee’s youth, including early runs at Houston’s Alley Theatre. Lee and Jim have known each other for years – they starred together in the Tony Award-winning play, The Normal Heart – and it creates for an easy rapport. Check out an excerpt of the interview below before heading to the source:

PARSONS: For a TV show – maybe for any project, but certainly for a continuing TV show – it is the people, the characters, that people want to see.

PACE: [“Halt and Catch Fire” is] about this American identity of the hunger for success and ambition and failure. We live in this culture where everyone’s just trying to get it right all the time: You’re trying to get right with God, you’re trying to be the right person, you’re trying to do this right, that right. And no one ever will. I really applaud the writers for writing these characters who are in the thick of trying to weed through the competition of their ambition versus their heart and their fallibility and their inadequacies and mediocrity and their desire to be more than they are. It’s the greys on this show that I find most interesting. You find yourself trying to categorize things – it’s this; it’s that – but it’s not that. It’s a grey thing that we all live through with the passage of time and our faulty record of memory.

PARSONS: And like you say, anything that I can think of that any human is trying to do, is aim for some sort of “perfection,” and that’s not going to happen.

PACE: The show is about innovation, the march into the future. It’s impossible to think about that without really weighing the lasting impact of the past and the complicated conditions of the present.


Lee Attends Mr. Abbott Award Gala to Honor George C. Wolfe

Oct 4

Many thanks to Karen Gillan Web for the HQ pictures!

On October 3rd, Lee Pace and previous co-stars – Joe Mantello, Ellen Barkin, John Benjamin Hickey, and Jim Parsons – attended the 2011 Mr. Abbott Award gala to honor director George C. Wolfe. The event took place at Edison Ballroom and was presented by the non-profit group, The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation.

Wolfe recently directed the Tony Award-winning play, The Normal Heart, which Lee starred in as Ned Weeks. He’s also directed masterpieces like Angels in America and Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk, which he also won Tonys for. He was awarded the Mr. Abbott for influencing “the cultural landscape, and the American theatre is stronger for his presence,” said Karen Azenberg, president of SDC and Chairperson of the SDC Foundation Committee.

Lee Pace at an After Party for ‘The Normal Heart’

Jun 13

So, it looks like Lee Pace didn’t attend the actual award ceremony for the Tonys — but he was at a party celebrating his play’s big win thereafter! Pictured above, he’s with co-stars from The Normal Heart – including Ellen Barkin and Jim Parsons – at the Amsterdam Ale House for an exciting after-party. Thanks very much to yorke for the clarification and quality photos!

‘The Normal Heart’ Wins Tony Award!

Jun 12

The Tony Awards are currently happening, but it’s recently been announced that The Normal Heart won the coveted Best Revival of a Play! Congratulations to everyone involved, most importantly Larry Kramer. As the playwright – and outspoken activist – nothing would have been possible without him. “Our day will come,” indeed. On a related note, The Normal Heart‘s Ellen Barkin and John Benjamin Hickey won Best Featured Actress and Best Featured Actor in a Play at the Tonys tonight as well.

As an aside: it looks like Lee Pace did not attend the Tony Award ceremony. If I see any pictures pop up, I’ll add them ASAP (although I’m currently on vacation, so there may be a delay).

John Benjamin Hickey Talks More Lee Pace

Jun 6

Here’s a sweet tidbit from an interview John Benjamin Hickey did with Entertainment Weekly. He talks – once again – about sharing a dressing room with Lee Pace and Jim Parsons, and their ritual before hitting the stage:

How do you get from your Big C character Sean’s headspace to Felix’s in an hour and 20 minutes?
I know, Sean is like the nutty, manic-depressive, homeless-by-choice guy and Felix is the f—ing fashion editor of the New York Times. Let’s just start with how much I have to shower and comb my hair. But the play is so brilliantly written that much of your work is done for you. You just have to give yourself to the material. I come into my dressing room — which I share with Jim and Lee Pace, both of who are so brilliant — and we turn on some disco music or some great rock-n-roll. We drink Gatorade, nothing stronger, and we just get our hearts and minds wrapped around it.

John Benjamin Hickey: [Lee’s] Like Clark Gable

Jun 1

In a new interview with NY Mag, The Normal Heart actor John Benjamin Hickey brought up his fellow cast-mates — and had some especially nice things to say about Lee Pace! Check out an excerpt from the article below:

Do you realize that every man and woman at The Normal Heart is crushing on you?
The cast is filled with the hottest men and the most stunningly gorgeous women, so they might get hit on, but I do not. I would love to say that I did. We’ve all kind of fallen in love with each other, though. It’s a difficult journey to make eight times a week, but we’ve found a way to do it with joy, humor, and love. We have a collectively morbid sense of humor. Jim Parsons is our MVP; we all have the hugest stage crush on Jim. I share a dressing room with Jim and Lee Pace. I sit there staring at Lee and just observing his handsomeness. He’s like Clark Gable, he really is.

‘The Normal Heart’ Holds Special Talkback

May 28

After the May 26th performance of The Normal Heart – which had a high volume of attendees born after 1980 due to a special discount – cast members of the play stuck around for a talkback. Usually these have been happening after every show on Tuesdays, but the part of the company attracting younger audience – Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, Luke Macfarlane, Wayne Wilcox – stuck around to talk about their involvement in the play and how important it is even for upcoming generations. Later on, Joe Mantello, Ellen Barkin, and John Benjamin Hickey joined them onstage as well. You can check out the entire talkback here, or view it below. (Thanks Damien and Joyce!)

TV Slot for ‘The Normal Heart’

May 24

Just added to the Video Archive is a TV slot for The Normal Heart. At a short 15 seconds, there isn’t anything new to report on the commercial, but I thought fans might be interested in seeing it. A voice-over talks about how it’s the highest rated show on Broadway at the moment, and Lee Pace’s picture is briefly featured.

‘The Normal Heart’ Wins Drama Desk: Best Play Revival

May 24

Last night, May 23rd, Lee Pace along with the rest of The Normal Heart company attended the 2011 Drama Desk Awards. Remember: they were already honored with an Outstanding Ensemble Performance, meaning Lee picked up his second career award! Not only did they pick their award up for the pre-established honor, but the play itself won a couple others — including the coveted Outstanding Revival of Play and Outstanding Director of a Play (for Joel Grey and George C. Wolfe). Congratulations to all involved!

Lee Pace Answers DavidMixner.com’s Five Questions

May 23

Unlike the rest of his co-stars from The Normal Heart, it seems Lee hasn’t done much press. Today, a new five-question interview from DavidMixner.com has been released. He talks about the play and how important it is to bring it to a new, younger generation than those who dealt with the AIDS crisis in the 80s. The brief interview has been added to the Press Archive.

1. What attracted you to “The Normal Heart?”
I knew the play from drama school, but reading it again, I was amazed at how little I knew about NYC during this time. And how little I knew about these very first years of AIDS. It’s been a real honor to be a part of telling this story.

2. You were highly acclaimed in “Soldier Girl” whichearned you a Golden Globe Nomination. This story of a transgender falling in love with a soldier had a dark side and so does “The Normal Heart.” How do you fill your life with joy while doing these powerful roles?
I like working on a these characters. Complex characters are the good ones.

3. Being in the entertainment industry, you must have known people who have passed away from HIV/AIDS. Does playing in “The Normal Heart” bring back their memories?
I actually haven’t lost anyone close to me to HIV/AIDS. I feel like a part of the generation that absolutely needs to be reminded of this recent history. We are getting a great young audience. The producers are offering $30 tickets to people under 30 for a special performance on May 26.


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