Lee Takes the Stage; New Section for LPO

Mar 20

Two new photographs from previous stage work Lee Pace has done have been added to the gallery; the first from The Credeaux Canvas and the second, menacing picture from Small Tragedy. Additionally, I’ve finally finished the STAGE WORK sub-section of the site! There, you will find all sorts of information about plays Lee has done over the years, including cast, summaries, and reviews. Mind, it’s still a work in progress; I’ll eventually have a list of performances he’s done in high school and college as well. In the meantime, please enjoy as we anticipate Lee’s Broadway debut in The Normal Heart.

Major Gallery Additions: Scans, Stills, and More

Nov 28

There has been yet another huge gallery update, including the above photo shoot. A full list of each updated album can be seen below (click “continue”). Articles that can be read in the updated magazine scans album can now be seen in the press archive as well:

Change Of Pace (WWD)
Fall Guys: Lee Pace (Statement)
In Step With: Lee Pace (Parade Magazine)
Killer Touch (Best Life Magazine)
Lee Almighty (Houston Modern Luxury)
Lovers In A Dangerous Time (The Advocate)
Pace Odyssey (Men’s Vogue)
• Pace Yourself (Elle Magazine)

I hope to have screen caps for the following uploaded soon: Soldier’s Girl, The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and Wonderfalls. However, first my goal is to finally have a running audio archive. I’ll be working on that in the coming days.

As a bonus: have you ever wondered what Lee’s writing might be like? How about his thoughts on performing a challenging play nightly? Check out his First Person account on Guardians entitled “Masochism, Off-Broadway Style” here, written for Broadway.com.

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Gallery Additions: Candids, Stage, Photo Shoots

Nov 16

Another huge gallery update has been completed. I’ve added even more Candids, this time from 2006 (Lee at a NY Knicks game) and 2008 (Lee on the set of A Single Man). Additionally, I’ve reorganized and finally uploaded a few images to the Stage subcategory. Here, you can see Lee Pace appearing in his various stage performances, including The Credeaux Canvas, Guardians, Eve Ensler’s O.P.C., and The 24 Hour Plays. I should be able to add more at a later date, once I retrieve the files from my hard drive.

Most notably, however, I’ve also finally filled out the Photo Shoots subcategory. Above is a selection of the various shoots Lee has done throughout the years. Most images are high quality (HQ), and there’s even a miscellaneous section for the pictures that didn’t make sense anywhere else. Take a look around and enjoy.

(You may also want to check out The 24 Hour Plays album, as I’ve added even more pictures from last night.)