New Layout!

Sep 25

Say goodbye to the standard template and hello to a gorgeous new layout, with many thanks to Tran at Transfixx Productions! I couldn’t believe how quickly the entire site was finished – less than one day – and am deeply impressed by how smoothly everything runs together. I’ll be doing some further edits on content in the upcoming days but, in the meantime, feel free to ooh and ahh over’s facelift. (And, of course, if you’re looking for someone to design your site, I highly recommend Transfixx.)

‘Ceremony’ Premiere at TIFF ’10

Sep 13

Lee’s newest film – Ceremony – premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival today. In it, he plays Whit, Uma Thurman’s love interest and “a self-important documentary filmmaker who’s an outrageous cross between Jacques Costeau and ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin.” Visit the gallery to view pictures from the event; Lee showed up to the premiere bearded and in very casual attire. Below are quick excerpts from a few film reviewers who were able to attend the screening:

@firstshowing: Ceremony was great. Fantastic debut for Max Winkler, definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on. Wonderful film, enjoyed it.

@ioncinema: TIFF Day 5: Ceremony: Max Fischer-esque kid in an adult body. Max Winkler’s debut is strong & feels like an original take in the sub-genre

@slashfilm: Max Winkler is a filmmaker to look out for in the years to come. Good performances, great cast, Well written dialogue, Jake Johnson is a scene stealer.

Updated Press Archive

Sep 13

Press Archive: Although there are plenty of journalistic pieces missing from the collection, I’ve updated the press archive. If you know of any more I can add to the press archive, feel free to get in contact with me and pass them on. I’ll be adding reviews from Lee’s early stage career in the coming days.

The Miraculous Year at LiveJournal: If you’re a LiveJournal user and are interested in following Lee’s upcoming project, The Miraculous Year, I’m also the moderator of a new community for the new HBO television series. You can find that community right here. I’ll be posting news pertaining to the show and (if more episodes are ordered) it’ll serve a home for discussions, fan creations, news about the cast/crew, and generally being your go-to place for all things related to The Miraculous Year. Unfortunately, because the show will be for mature audiences, it is friends locked and thus open only to LiveJournal members. Feel free to create an account there and join the community, but please be aware that – again, due to mature content – it is open to 18+ members only.

Follow Us On Twitter: Have a Twitter account? will be marking our presence there soon! Feel free to follow the site and receive instant news about Lee, site updates/additions, and various tidbits of information about the actor. Continues to Grow

Sep 11

Gallery: The photo gallery has been updated extensively, providing a database of images featuring Lee at various public appearances from 2003 to the current. Also, with many thanks to, there are fantastic Pushing Daisies screen captions up — including some bonus features from season one! The caps are great quality; perfect for a show as visually stunning as Daisies was. I hope to get some photo shoots up soon, and am anticipating photos from Lee’s next appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival to be uploaded as soon as they arrive. His newest comedy, Ceremony, is due to debut at TIFF on September 13th.

Other Updates: Please welcome our first affiliate, the Lee Pace Fanlisting! Stop by and submit a form to put your name on an expansive list of other Lee fans. Sarah was also kind enough to donate two wallpapers to enhance your desktop, so be sure to check them out and possibly use one on your own computer. I’d also like to thank Rosalee and The Pie Hole for her support and encouragement for other fans to visit this site.

Next up on the ‘to update’ list is the press archive. I’ll be putting the gallery aside for a moment to get a few articles, interviews, and stage reviews up for your perusing pleasure. Following that, I’d like to get more self-made content up to bulk up the Media category. Remember, if you have any content to donate (fan art, icons, wallpaper, etc.), feel free to contact me and donate. Your work will always be credited. Additionally, my screen capping skills are subpar to to nonexistent, so if you’d be willing to volunteer your time to cap Lee’s projects (aside from Daisies) or already have done so and are willing to donate your hard work, please get in contact with me.

Welcome to!

Aug 25

Welcome to, your newest and best source for everything Lee Pace. We’re here to provide you with up-to-date news, a comprehensive photo gallery, and tidbits of information about this acclaimed television, film, and stage actor. Take a look around, bookmark the site for future visits, and enjoy your stay! If you need to contact the webmaster, please email kristina(at)

The site is currently operating under a template and will see a facelift soon, but a decent portion of content is now up and running — including everything under Information. I will be working on the Gallery and Press Archive in upcoming days. If you have anything to donate to the Media category, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Your work will always be fully credited.

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