Gallery Additions: New (Old) Photo Shoot

Jan 7

I’ve added a few new pictures of Lee Pace from an older photo shoot. I believe the images came from a press junket, although I’m not entirely sure. A couple of film stills for The Resident and The Fall have also been added; check out the gallery.

Two videos briefly featuring Lee have been uploaded to the Video Archive, one of Lee and Kristin Chenoweth together at the Emmy Awards ’08 and another of Lee in Monte Carlo.

Major Gallery Additions: Scans, Stills, and More

Nov 28

There has been yet another huge gallery update, including the above photo shoot. A full list of each updated album can be seen below (click “continue”). Articles that can be read in the updated magazine scans album can now be seen in the press archive as well:

Change Of Pace (WWD)
Fall Guys: Lee Pace (Statement)
In Step With: Lee Pace (Parade Magazine)
Killer Touch (Best Life Magazine)
Lee Almighty (Houston Modern Luxury)
Lovers In A Dangerous Time (The Advocate)
Pace Odyssey (Men’s Vogue)
• Pace Yourself (Elle Magazine)

I hope to have screen caps for the following uploaded soon: Soldier’s Girl, The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and Wonderfalls. However, first my goal is to finally have a running audio archive. I’ll be working on that in the coming days.

As a bonus: have you ever wondered what Lee’s writing might be like? How about his thoughts on performing a challenging play nightly? Check out his First Person account on Guardians entitled “Masochism, Off-Broadway Style” here, written for

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Catch ‘The Fall’ On Demand

Nov 7

Until December 18th, Tarsem Singh’s beautiful fantasy-drama The Fall will be available to watch on Starz On Demand. Lee Pace fans may want to catch the film’s television debut and share the viewing schedule with friends who may have the channel, as more people should see this cinematic masterpiece! Upcoming air dates include the following, on Starz Cinema:

Thursday, November 11th @ 11:40pm
Tuesday, November 23rd @ 11:45pm
Sunday, November 28th @ 5:45pm
Monday, November 29th @ 2:00am
Saturday, January 1st @ 1:35am

Gallery Additions: Film Stills Galore

Oct 22

I’ve done an exhaustive amount of additions in the gallery, including film stills (many of which are HQ) to the following: Ceremony, The Fall, Infamous, Marmaduke, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Possession, The Resident, and The White Countess. In coming days, I’ll be adding screen caps for at least Miss Pettigrew and Soldier’s Girl, including the DVD extras.

Less exhaustive, but I’ve also updated the public appearances galleries. Included in this update are the following: ‘Promises, Promises’ Opening Night (04/25/10) featuring Kristin Chenoweth and the Pushing Daisies cast/crew, ‘Red’ Opening Night (04/01/10), and his appearance at a Parisian Calvin Klein Party (07/06/09) with 30 Beats costar Vahina Giocante.

Along with the aforementioned screen caps to be added, I also hope to have photo shoots and photos from his theatrical performances uploaded soon. Sit tight!