Gallery Additions: ‘Possession’ Screen Caps

Dec 10

Finally, the last of the screen caps have been added to the gallery. You can now find over 3,000 images from Possession, including DVD extras (two deleted scenes and a featurette) and even the 30-minute alternative ending. Enjoy, but beware of spoilers!

You may also want to check out the animations page, as it has been updated with .gifs from recently capped films (including 16 from Marmaduke and 7 from When In Rome).

Gallery Additions: ‘Possession’ Film Stills

Nov 15

I’ll be exhaustively updating the gallery throughout the week. The latest additions of pictures include even more film stills from Possession. Various photo shoots are to come soon. Enjoy!

Gallery Additions: Film Stills Galore

Oct 22

I’ve done an exhaustive amount of additions in the gallery, including film stills (many of which are HQ) to the following: Ceremony, The Fall, Infamous, Marmaduke, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, Possession, The Resident, and The White Countess. In coming days, I’ll be adding screen caps for at least Miss Pettigrew and Soldier’s Girl, including the DVD extras.

Less exhaustive, but I’ve also updated the public appearances galleries. Included in this update are the following: ‘Promises, Promises’ Opening Night (04/25/10) featuring Kristin Chenoweth and the Pushing Daisies cast/crew, ‘Red’ Opening Night (04/01/10), and his appearance at a Parisian Calvin Klein Party (07/06/09) with 30 Beats costar Vahina Giocante.

Along with the aforementioned screen caps to be added, I also hope to have photo shoots and photos from his theatrical performances uploaded soon. Sit tight!