‘Ceremony’ Screen Caps Added to the Gallery

Jul 23

Finally, Lee Pace Odyssey has added screen captures of Ceremony to the gallery! I’ve also gone through the DVD extras and included albums of bonus footage, including images from Making Of Ceremony, behind the scenes, and an extended scene during the dinner party. Most importantly (and what I think fans will be interested in the most): there are now caps of the hilarious faux-documentary, A Year In A Tent: A Film By Whit Coutell, for your viewing pleasure.

New Film Stills for ‘Ceremony’

Jun 22

In case you forgot, Ceremony was recently released on DVD and Bluray! Be sure to check it out, whether it’s through Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix. I personally loved the film and will be purchasing it soon, and then you can expect screen caps added to the gallery. In the meantime, Nala Pictures has posted a few new film stills – some of which feature Lee Pace – that you can check out above.

‘Ceremony’ Coming to DVD, June 21st

Jun 15

Ceremony is has already found a DVD release date and it’s soon: June 21st! You can already pre-order the movie on Amazon here. A list of detailed special features one can expect to find on the DVD/Bluray, including what sounds like some extra footage of Lee Pace, can be seen below:

“Deleted Scenes” (2:11) spends additional time with Marshall, seen here in various states of confusion and dismissal.

“Outtakes” (2:40) offers a routine of giggle fits and improvisational exploration.

“Extended Scene” (2:37) elongates a dinner toast from Zoe’s disturbed brother.

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The Process of ‘Ceremony’

Apr 15

A new interview featuring Lee Pace, Michael Angarano, and Max Winkler of Ceremony fame has surfaced. Once again, it’s from their appearance at the Empire State Building last week. They talk about the film, Uma Thurman, and upcoming projects. Check it out at NYGossipGirl, or watch it below:

Lee on Playing Whit: “I’m basically making fun of my friends.”

Apr 9

Another interview from Lee Pace, Michael Angarano, and Max Winkler has been posted — this time at Gordon & The Whale. It’s, once again, from their visit to the Empire State Building a few days ago. Check out an excerpt below. It’s also been added to the Press Archive here.

How has it been since SXSW, traveling the festival circuit and getting ready to release in theatres this weekend?

Max: We’ve had a lot of fun! We’ve been getting to go to really cool cities and talk to people about the movie. Our New York premiere was just last night which was very exciting for us. It seems like people like the movie which is very nice for us to hear.

Michael: So exciting. Like we always say about the movie, it’s a very personal movie and it’s very important. You know, I am very encouraged when people say they like the movie. It feels much more personal and very special. It’s very exciting now that people are going to finally see it.

Lee: I just had a fun time making it it. I had fun working with these guys! My memory of the movie is just living in that house together, the cast spent a lot of time together. I just remember messing around and then to see the movie cut together, I’m really proud to be a part of it.


Keeping Up with Lee Pace

Apr 8

As of today, Ceremony has been officially released to a limited theatre run. To check when when the film might be near you neighborhood, visit Magnolia Pictures’ play dates. On a related note, Interview Magazine has just released a new interview with Lee Pace himself. It has been added to the Press Archive here.

GILLIAN MOHNEY: The movie is set at a weekend wedding, so you basically had to party for about a month—what was that like onset?
LEE PACE: That’s basically what making the movie was—it was just really fun. Every day was fun. It was really good group of people. It was a really enjoyable movie to make. You hope it translates to the screen—sometimes it doesn’t. You can be having a good time and it’s a bad movie.

MOHNEY: How did you get involved?
PACE: My agent sent me the script and said, “This is a really fun character,” and I said, “I totally agree. What do I have to do?” I was off in Vancouver shooting another movie. I forget how it all went down, but there was a point where I was out camping—I had found this island off the coast of Maine and I was camping there. I didn’t have any cell phone reception, and I get [a signal], and I had all these messages saying, “You need to come to New York to read for this!” [My agent] was like, “You need to come fight for it!” I got on a plane the next day—I was in the middle of nowhere, Maine. I came to New York, read for it, and got it, basically.

MOHNEY: Is it more fun to play the foil rather than the romantic lead?
PACE: It’s totally fun to play troublemakers—totally… With someone like Whit, who gets the whole picture from the beginning, it’s fun to see how he behaves.


Additionally, a short interview featuring Lee along with Michael Angarano and Max Winkler has popped up. It’s from their Empire State Building visit a couple of days ago. (Thank you to @LOisVE for the heads up!) Check it out below or in the Video Archive here.:

The Cast of ‘Ceremony’ Visit the Empire State Building

Apr 6

Fans might appreciate the latest public appearance from Lee Pace, which almost looks like a photo shoot. (It has been a while since a new set, huh?) He, along with Michael Angarano and Max Winkler (director of Ceremony), posed together atop the Empire State Building in New York earlier this evening, April 6th.

Lee Pace “is like the best actor I’ve ever seen,” says Max Winkler

Apr 6

There’s a really great interview with Ceremony‘s director, Max Winkler, up on ComingSoon.net. If you’re interested in the movie or following Winkler’s career a little closer, I’d highly recommend checking it out. He also said some more incredibly kind words about Lee Pace, which are highlighted below:

CS: Yeah, exactly, and it’s kind of an odd cast. First of all, Lee Pace normally plays the nice guy and he’s not in this case. I forgot that he wasn’t British, because he plays British so well in this and other movies.

Winkler: Yeah, it’s crazy. He’s a freak of nature, he’s like the best actor I’ve ever seen. He’s like a true Julliard-trained Shakespearean, he’s like made to destroy in acting. He was so good. His box of tools that he can pull from to make a scene work is just incredible. Every person sits down and says, “But this cast is the one it needed to be and this was always meant to be,” but for this movie, I really feel like it was. Anyone who was in it, left for whatever reason, was great in their own right, but I don’t think this movie would have worked with one of these people recast.

Lee Pace Attends ‘Ceremony’ Screening in NYC

Apr 5

The New York premiere for Ceremony – Lee Pace’s latest film – took place at the Angelika Film Center earlier this evening, April 5th. He was accompanied by director Max Winkler and co-stars, Uma Thurman and Michael Angarano. Others at the event included Alexa Chung, Edward Burns, and Noah Baumbach. If any more pictures surface, I’ll add them to the gallery as soon as possible. WWD reported about the after-party, in which Lee is briefly mentioned:

The reclusive Thurman slunk over to an elevated booth overlooking the dance floor, where she was joined by Angarano, Pace, and apparent good friend Russell Simmons, who spent most of the evening kissing her cheek or praising her film. When Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” came on, Pace, Thurman and Simmons all hopped to their feet to shimmy to the chorus, before settling back down in the booth, with Pace scooting off to swipe spare bottles of spirits from neighboring tables.

Many thanks to Bee at 100% Novak Djokovic for the HQ pictures!

Director Max Winkler Mentions Lee Pace

Mar 31

In a new interview with MovieJungle, Max Winkler – director of Ceremony – once again mentioned Lee. He spoke about the dynamic between Whit and the movie’s protagonist, Sam. Warning: there are major spoilers, so you’ll need to click SHOW for more information. I’ve underlined the part where he talks about Lee specifically as an actor, if you’d like to go ahead and read only that.

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